Kindle Vella Titles

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She survived a nightmare. But that was only the beginning of what she would endure...

Lani Newman worked hard for her nice, quiet life, sans the chaos and trauma of her childhood. But when a ripple of power snags her attention, her best friend rips off the rose-colored glasses and she must choose: remain in the world of ignorance she created or face reality. Either one could get her killed.

Episodes 1-29 now available!


Only the outcasts can save a world that despises them.

In a complicated world of elite power and deeply hidden divisions, Ravenna's life is a simple one: take what she wants regardless of the cost. After all, breaking Tudarian laws means very little in a country that hates her for the magic she was born with and never wanted - even if it does have its benefits. Their hate pushes her into the deepest shadows of the fringes of society. Until they go after those she loves most.

Episodes 1-4 now available!