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Kindle Vella Titles

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She survived a nightmare. But that was only the beginning of what she would endure...

Lani Newman worked hard for her nice, quiet life, sans the chaos and trauma of her childhood. But when a ripple of power snags her attention, her best friend rips off the rose-colored glasses and she must choose: remain in the world of ignorance she created or face reality. Either one could get her killed.

 Episodes 1-37 now available!

The Remembering
Power & Lies

Only the outcasts can save a world that despises them.

In a complicated world of elite power and deeply hidden divisions, Ravenna's life is a simple one: take what she wants regardless of the cost. After all, breaking Tudarian laws means very little in a country that hates her for the magic she was born with and never wanted - even if it does have its benefits. Their hate pushes her into the deepest shadows of the fringes of society. Until they go after those she loves most.

Episodes 1-16 now available!

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Who's next?

Bret Thompson and Cora Dempsey risk injury and legal issues to bring their social media viewers tours of abandoned houses and castles from around the world. But they never imagined their lives would be at stake...

Episodes 1 now available!

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