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Familiar Echoes &
Southern Echoes

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Familiar Echoes

Caitlin drops into the 21st Century, flooding her with relief and not a small amount of confusion. She quickly learns something isn’t right because now history toys with the future.

The stone ripped her out of France and threw her into the field where her closest friend, Sean, waits. She should be happy to be home but the trauma from events in France haunts her. Worse, subtle changes to the world she knew leaves Caitlin worried and unnerved. 


Have her travels caused irreparable damage? Are her adventures over?

Southern Echoes

Lost. Confused. Shattered. History has left Caitlin with no escape.

Caitlin Benoit’s mind has been left broken from the trauma of time traveling through the centuries. Now unable to grasp the world around her, Elizabeth and John are forced to take the lead as they struggle to meet basic needs while taking cover in the forests.

Not sure what moment in time they’ve landed, exploration leads the group to a quaint village where they cross paths with an enigmatic stranger. After all time has done to prove what glitters isn’t always gold, they are hesitant to trust him.

They must find the answers to the time puzzle, but they can’t do it alone. Did they find an ally who can help her navigate the unfamiliar or an enemy who will destroy their already fractured world?

Familiar Echoes
Southern Echoes
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