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Journey into adventure, fantasy, and discovery.

Sunken Echoes &
Eastern Echoes

Web of Echoes, Books 3 & 4
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She's a no-holds-barred, kick-butt, don't-cover-the-ugly-parts archaeologist. History wants to teach her a lesson. 

Sunken Echoes

Caitlin lands hard on the decks of an infamous ship—with only 24 hours before it sinks, and John is missing.

Trapped in 1912 on the Titanic, sand is slipping through the hourglass as she tries to jump ship before it plunges to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. She meets Elizabeth, a woman with valuable knowledge about time travel and how it works. Yet nothing is ever easy, and her new friend's memory proves to be unreliable.

As Caitlin searches for John, the grains of time slip away. She must put the pieces together, or she'll find herself lying in a cursed grave at the bottom of the ocean.

Eastern Echoes

​When an offer to work under the Comte Aristide, Caitlin can't refuse. But she quickly learns life as a servant is far removed from being a guest to the kind Duke in 1831. As the new status tethers her to servitude, an important clue to the puzzle is discovered.

Time is short and Caitlin must figure out how the new piece fits or be stuck under the lethal boot of the infamous Comte.  

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