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Journey into adventure, fantasy, and discovery.

Fallen Echoes (Book #7 of the Web of Echoes series) is due to be completed late this fall. Now I need to know what you would like me to do about publishing it. 

Here's where we're at right now. Previously, each of the short stories in the Web of Echoes series was sold separately from the full-length novels. Recently, I decided to bundle Sunken Echoes with Eastern Echoes and Familiar Echoes with Southern Echoes. Book #8, Western Echoes, will not be completed until next year (more to come on that in future newsletters but believe me when I say the release of Western Echoes is going to be BIG news).


So... with all that in mind. Do you want Fallen Echoes ASAP? Or should I just wait to publish it as a bundle with Western Echoes?


Majority rules here so be sure to cast your vote!

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