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Sunken Echoes

Web of Echoes, #3
Sunken Echoes Cover

Now available as a bundle with Eastern Echoes


Caitlin lands on the decks of an infamous ship and John is missing. As history dances with water, she has only twenty-four hours to escape.

Trapped in 1912 on the Titanic, sand is slipping through the hourglass as she tries to jump ship before it plunges to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. She meets Elizabeth, a woman with valuable knowledge about time travel and how it works. Yet nothing is ever easy, and her new friend's memory proves to be unreliable.

As Caitlin searches for John, the grains of time slip away. She must put the pieces together, or she'll find herself in lying in a cursed grave at the bottom of the ocean.

What readers are saying...

"Delightful fantasy with a dash of suspense and the mention of a time paradox." 

                                                                                Goodreads Reader

" A must-read for time travel enthusiasts."

                                                                               Goodreads Reader

"An exciting time travel short story that plops the reader down on the Titanic the day before she sinks."

                                                                                Goodreads Reader

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