Roots (Inspiration Part One)

Roots (Inspiration Part One)

With you think of an author, it's probably no surprise when they say that reading and books were always a part of their life. They certainly were for me.

As a child who seemed to be constantly moving, books were an easy form of escape. The words would dance off the page through my thoughts, allowing me to go somewhere else, and my imagination was ignited by adventures, fantasy, and as I got into my tweens, romance. Trips to the library were exciting excursions, and, during the summer months when my mother and I would often walk to the library, the piles I'd come home were too heavy to carry. 

But while books undoubtably played a massive role in my life and in inspiring me write. 

And make no mistake about it, inspiration comes from all directions, and sometimes, some very strange places. 

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