Meet Melody Ash


Picture of Melody Ash

From the early years of experimenting with ghost stories during sleepovers to crafting a novel in place of a college curriculum, Melody's lifelong devotion to writing has shaped her path. After a successful career in the travel industry, she finally embraced her true calling as a writer.

Enter Caitlin Benoit, the daring protagonist whose journey launches readers into a world filled with both familiar and unknown. Melody's wanderlust influences the pages as Benoit embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. A heart-pounding blend of romance, suspense, fantasy, and science fiction, Melody seamlessly weaves a gripping tale that will leave readers on the edge of their seats.

When she's not immersed in the worlds she creates, Melody finds joy in her real-life adventures. In the company of her two daughters, her husband, and their adorable Pomsky, Chloe, she explores new towns, hunts for hidden treasures in old bookstores, and indulges in decadent delights like Ghirardelli chocolate. 

Melody's novels are more than just stories—they are portals to limitless possibilities. Each page invites you to imagine, to hope, and to believe that anything is possible. So, step into the pages of her extraordinary tales, and let the magic unfold before your eyes.

Discover the enchantment. Unleash the power. Embrace the extraordinary.  And turn the page on the next adventure.