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Restless Hearts Publishing ~ Author Melody Ash

Eastern Echoes Ebook (Includes Book 3, Sunken Echoes)

Eastern Echoes Ebook (Includes Book 3, Sunken Echoes)

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A French manor home is the stuff of fairytales, but history reveals the beast within the beauty.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  "Not to be missed if you are a fan of fantasy."

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***Also includes Book 3, Sunken Echoes***

Caitlin lands on the decks of an infamous ship and John is missing. As history dances with water, she has only twenty-four hours to escape.

Trapped in 1912 on the Titanic, sand is slipping through the hourglass as she tries to jump ship before it plunges to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. She meets Elizabeth, a woman with valuable knowledge about time travel and how it works. Yet nothing is ever easy, and her new friend's memory proves to be unreliable.

As Caitlin searches for John, the grains of time slip away. She must put the pieces together, or she'll find herself lying in a cursed grave at the bottom of the ocean.

Eastern Echoes

Sinister Parisian streets greet Caitlin in 1785. With no money, she scrambles to find shelter until she settles for tunnels she knows will eventually become the Paris Catacombs. The dark, empty shafts provide protection as she figures out what to do next. When an offer is made to work under the Comte Aristide, Caitlin can't refuse. But she quickly learns life as a servant is far removed from being a guest to the kind Duke in 1831. As the new status tethers her to servitude, an important clue to the puzzle is discovered.

Time is short and Caitlin must figure out how the new piece fits or be stuck under the lethal boot of the infamous Comte.

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Papers brushed across Caitlin Benoit's feet as the cool night air kissed her face. She canned the surrounding shops along a narrow street, each closed and silent for the night. No people, but also no water, no frozen icebergs, no murky Atlantic
Ocean. An indescribable relief soaked through her to feel the cobblestone at her feet—steady, solid land. At last.

The constriction of tight plastic shifted from her lungs to Caitlin's head. The struggle to
breathe that accompanied the trips through time morphed into a stiff headache and she winced, pressed two fingers against a temple. Time travel came with all sorts of hazards, and she wasn't sure which was the worst, but the symptoms
caused by leaping through decades and centuries vied for the top of the list. It would pass, though. At least, they had faded so far, although she couldn't help but notice the symptoms also seemed to worsen with every passage. What that meant, she couldn't be sure. 

A hand reached for hers and Caitlin started, took a step back, then smiled to find she wasn't as alone as she first thought. 

"John, you are here." Headache or not, she grinned wide, nearly leapt into his arms. While on board the ship, all she could imagine was him being lost at sea, that the time tunnel had somehow dropped the man she'd met in 1851 Charleston into the mid-Atlantic. Those fears seemed foolish now, like a faded nightmare lost to a cavern of a deep sleep. But foolish or not, to see him standing before her
dissipated the fog from around her mind. "I can't tell you how happy that makes me, or how relieved."

His fingers wrapped tight around her palm, "Where else would I be?"

"It's a long story. Or a short one. Can't say for sure. But…" She glanced upward at the
nearest shop sign as it swayed in the breeze, the starlit name clearly carved in French.

Back in France, exactly where the stones dumped them when they left England, and before she headed to the Titanic. The memory twisted, pulled at her heart as it sobbed for
the passengers on board the vessel. The child with cute little ringlets. Hundreds of men and women frozen in the Atlantic, their names destined to be
carved in history books and on museum memorials for those who found fascination
and sorrow in both the victims' stories and the science behind the catastrophe on board a ship no one thought could sink.

Caitlin shuddered, fought against the sudden chill biting at her core. The memory of the
mountainous iceberg as it towered tall in the frozen north Atlantic night was still too fresh in her mind.

"France," she whispered.

"Yes, we arrived five minutes ago." He squeezed her hand tightly. "What is it?"

Caitlin ignored the question, turned his words over in her mind. That couldn't be, could it? "Only five minutes? Are you sure?"

"To my best estimation. How long did you believe yourself to have been gone?"

"A little over twenty-four hours." She dropped her eyes to the ground, ran the numbers through her head. Five minutes to John was a little over twenty-four hours to her. Five seconds translated to one hour. Could her friends in the
twenty-first century be experiencing the same variations? Or did the disparity
change the further the time cords stretched?

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Language: English

Number of Pages: 277 pages

Estimated Time to Read: 5-6 hours

Word Count: 69,102 words

Series & All Books in Series: Web of Echoes (Deep Echoes, Northern Echoes, Sunken Echoes, Eastern Echoes, Familiar Echoes, Southern Echoes, Fallen Echoes, Western Echoes)

Formats: ePub & Mobi

Devices: Kindle, Apple, & Android Devices, Nook & Kobo Readers, Computers

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