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Restless Hearts Publishing ~ Author Melody Ash

Northern Echoes Ebook

Northern Echoes Ebook

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Archaeologist Caitlin Benoit assumed the next destination would be her time, her world. Instead, the mysterious stone she’d found at a new dig site thrusts her further into the past and onto a different continent. Now, history extends an invitation.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "A captivating time travel"

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In 1831 England, Caitlin is discovered by William, the Duke of Lancaster. By sheer luck, he's willing to allow her into his manor.

While she fights to gain a footing in this new time, Caitlin discovers the stone also ripped John from Charleston. Everything she thought she knew about how the stone worked is false, and neither of them understand how to escape the grip of the past.

As they work to uncover the mystery of the stone, an acquaintance of the Duke plots an intricate scheme certain to destroy them all. She and John must solve the puzzle in an unknown amount of time or risk getting stuck—or buried—in 1831.

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Air permeated through Caitlin Benoit like life itself as she inhaled with lungs still recovering from the constriction of time travel. A full rich zephyr. She heaved
another breath, the fresh rush inflating her chest. Relief electrified every nerve, and Caitlin's pulse quickened. One more time, a bit slower now, her breath cleansed as she gazed through eyes still blurred from travel.

Sketchy lines of a horse and its rider slowly came into focus, and as the man stopped in front of her, his gentle brown eyes seemed laced with confusion. Dressed in a navy
tailcoat over a white silk shirt and beige wool pants, he looked more Georgian than Victorian, and those clothes placed him—and now Caitlin—in the early eighteen-hundreds. And the location…

Her eyes strayed from the man to the grounds beyond the rider. Trees, sloping hills, a
magnificent manor house. The far forests seemed to stretch for miles in a thick blanket of green. But they couldn't be relied upon to pinpoint a location, not when similar woodlands spanned the globe within the temperate woodland biomes of the world. It was the house itself that provided the clues, one she recognized from several period movies—a Hollywood favorite.

Chatling Hall, an aristocratic home to a Duke of England. Only that made little sense. After traveling in time to the plantation in South Carolina and living among slaves
for a week, she'd been instructed how to utilize the stone she'd discovered at
the archeological dig in the 21st century and followed those instructions to the letter. Should have earned her a one-way ticket out of 1859 and back home. But if this was England, then not only had she traveled further into the past, but she also managed to hop the large pond between two continents.

"Madam? Can I be of some assistance?" the man asked for what Caitlin thought might be
the second time. Maybe the third. Her brain was only just beginning to focus, to wrap around the context of what her eyes were seeing. 

"I think I'm lost," Caitlin muttered as she shook her head.

"I ventured to guess so much. Pray tell, what is your name?" He slid from the horse, boots raising a cloud of dust. The man removed his hat and hung it casually from two fingertips. Manners that screamed early-century Europe.

"Caitlin Benoit." She held out one hand, though a handshake wouldn't fit the customs if she was standing in—what?—eighteenth- or nineteenth-century Britain. Still, surprise tickled her when the man took hold of her hand and gently
kissed her fingers.

"It is my pleasure to meet you, Miss Caitlin." After a bow of his head, the man replaced the top hat and straightened. "William, Duke of Lancaster."

The duke himself. The
stone couldn't give me a little break and place me at the feet of a peasant or a groomsman.

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Language: English

Number of Pages: 299 pages

Estimated Time to Read: 3 hours

Word Count: 61,456 words

Series & All Books in Series: Web of Echoes (Deep Echoes, Northern Echoes, Sunken Echoes, Eastern Echoes, Familiar Echoes, Southern Echoes, Fallen Echoes, Western Echoes)

Formats: ePub & Mobi

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