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Restless Hearts Publishing ~ Author Melody Ash

Southern Echoes Ebook (Includes Book 5, Familiar Echoes)

Southern Echoes Ebook (Includes Book 5, Familiar Echoes)

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Lost. Confused. Shattered. History has left Caitlin with no escape.

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**Also includes Familiar Echoes**

Caitlin drops into the 21st century, flooding her with relief and not a small amount of confusion. She quickly learns something isn’t right because now history toys with the future.

The stone ripped her out of France and threw her into the field where her closest friend, Sean, waits. She should be happy to be home but the trauma from events in France haunts her. Worse, subtle changes to the world she knew leaves Caitlin unnerved.

Have her travels caused irreparable damage? Are her adventures over?

Southern Echoes

Archaeologist Caitlin Benoit’s mind has been left broken from the trauma of time traveling through the centuries. Now unable to grasp the world around her, Elizabeth and John are forced to take the lead as they struggle to meet basic needs while taking cover in the forests.

Not sure what moment in time they’ve landed, exploration leads the group to a quaint village where they cross paths with an enigmatic stranger. After all time has done to prove what glitters isn’t always gold, they are hesitant to trust him.

They must find the answers to the time puzzle, but they can’t do it alone. Did they find an ally who can help her navigate the unfamiliar or an enemy who will destroy their already fractured world?

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Beaten. That’s what
she was: beaten and defeated.

All Elizabeth de Saxe had to do was take one good look at Caitlin Benoit to see that. Even as her archeologist friend from the future stared blankly ahead, it was clear the woman who returned after being gone for mere minutes was not the same woman who she’d befriended on the Titanic or aided in France. Dark circles took up residence under her eyes now but not the kind which resulted from a lack of sleep. And more disturbing, a dullness shrouded Caitlin’s face. Left her vacant. Empty.

These thoughts percolated through Elizabeth’s mind as a fresh breeze tickled the forest leaves and kissed the underbrush in gentle ripples. She still didn’t know when in time they landed, or where. She and John had only arrived a short time earlier, although she couldn’t be sure when exactly—five, perhaps ten minutes—and that certainly hadn’t been enough time to explore. The forest in one direction and the sea in the other didn’t provide much in the way of clues, and without a
city, village, or anyone else nearby, there was so little to go on.  

Elizabeth’s eyes flashed in Caitlin’s direction as her friend jumped at the touch of John’s
hand. She cowered with both arms wrapped around her chest and tears ran down her face. She took a step backward, and it was clear they had far more important matters to address at the moment. Regardless of where they were, if Caitlin didn’t fully return, their escape from the trappings of the three rocks
that had carried them each through the past and present would become all but

“Welcome back, Caitlin,” Elizabeth heard John say. He appeared to be impervious to her condition. The heir to a huge plantation located in Charleston during the
eighteen hundreds, he’d followed Caitlin through each of the important time leaps. They still had no idea why, but then, there were a great many unanswered questions.

Although she didn’t question how he felt about Cailin. And love had a way of making people see only what they wished to see, she guessed.

As if to confirm every fear Elizabeth harbored, Caitlin’s response was a mere blank stare before vaguely nodding in a way that was, indeed, painful to watch. It appeared to
Elizabeth that the very act of moving her head in such a simple gesture caused
Caitlin great pain, and when she opened her mouth, no sound came out. Instead,
she shifted her eyes to the roble oak and haya beech guarding the rising hills
of stone and dirt that reached upward to the left of where they stood.

The forest stretched far above the expanse of water to the right. The view at the top must
be impressive, indeed.

“So much like Charleston,” Caitlin croaked in a trembling voice.

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Language: English

Number of Pages: 236 pages

Estimated Time to Read: 5-6 hours

Word Count: 66,591 words

Series & All Books in Series: Web of Echoes (Deep Echoes, Northern Echoes, Sunken Echoes, Eastern Echoes, Familiar Echoes, Southern Echoes, Fallen Echoes, Western Echoes)

Formats: ePub & Mobi

Devices: Kindle, Apple, & Android Devices, Nook & Kobo Readers, Computers

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